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Asia Alternatives is a solution platform dedicated to helping institutional investors make investments in private equity across Asia. The firm focuses on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns through a portfolio of value-added strategies to investors. As one of the first and most established Asia-dedicated fund-of-funds, our open and transparent working partnership with our LPs helps investors build out their own Asia portfolio over time. The Firm offers investment programs that identify and access private equity fund managers across the dynamic and growing markets of Asia, targeting private equity fund managers in Greater China (Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong), Japan, Korea, South East Asia, Australia and India.

With its research, investment and client service infrastructure solely dedicated to Asia private equity fund investments; Asia Alternatives seeks to be the “partner of choice” for global institutional investors who desire to participate in the diverse and fast growing Asian alternative investment markets.


Asia Alternatives Competitive Edge

Asia Alternatives' experienced, local, Asian on-the-ground advantage is comprised of our differentiated investment strategy and our LP Partnership Program.

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